Don’t think I can help as traded in my ICOM 7300 to get an ELAD DUO-ART 120, because I found FDM-DUO’s Rx was much quieter than the 7300’s!

As before, running with no RF ground - my current antennae are five inverted Vees resonant on 40 (and 6), 20, 17, 15 and 10. FDM-DUO is powered from DUO-ART, with DUO-ART and laptop fed from same power socket (via large clip-on ferrite filter- clipped around several turns of mains lead).  Clip-on ferrites on laptop's PSU.  7300  was powered via same filter.

USB leads for FDM-DUO are now as short as possible (50cm), with clip-on ferrites both ends.

Slightly off the thread, an unforeseen plus of the DUO-ART is that its internal ATU tunes my five inverted Vees (all fed unswitched from the same length of coax via a home-made 1:1  current balun) for 60 and 12 metres.  The 7300’s ATU  would not handle that level of mis-match.

David   G8IIC

On 5 Nov 2019, at 15:15, Craig Williams KA6RWL <ka6rwl@...> wrote:

Have you tried your LiPo battery in the shack to rule out noise from your power supply?

I will ditto that of my radios the Duo is very quiet.


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