Your welcome Tony, maybe their is another way, lots of smart people on here
Maybe someone can help u out
Good luck

On 4 Nov 2019, at 16:59, Tony EI8JK <ei8jk@...> wrote:

 Thanks for that Iain.
Not really the answer I had hoped for ;-)
What I wanted was an ALC connection to run/control a non-Elad linear.
I thought that was a non runner though, so not unexpected.
Regards & 73

On 04/11/2019 16:50, MM6IXE wrote:
Hi Tony

you are correct on both accounts, No alc meter, and yes u would need to adjust windows drive .

I asked the same question couple weeks ago, and was given a workaround for wsjtx, 

if u go back a few pages on forum, you will find the question from me
andbthe answer from Neil



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