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Hi Guillermo, sorry I've been away so haven't been following this thread. Just checking that you have granted permission for the Elad device under "Microphone" permissions in W10?

Probably not related as you can't see the device elsewhere. 

You only need the TX and CAT cables connected to use the DUO for standalone USB tx/rx with WSJT-X, the RX cable is only used with SW2.  Also remember that the AUX VOL setting is used to control the level on the standalone USB audio device (if you can get it to appear of course!)

Does the transmit audio device appear OK in Windows and WSJT-X?  Does the PC detect anything when you connect the cable to the TX socket?  I guess you have tried swapping the cable between the TX and RX sockets on the DUO and confirming that SW2 still works and WSJT-X still fails?

Neil G4DBN

On 03/11/2019 22:29, hk4km via Groups.Io wrote:
Spent all day trying to resolve my issue with FDM-DUO Audio.

Upgraded all firmware to the lastest version for everything (RX, TX, USB, UI).

Found that THE RX USB port is not defective as I could do the USB update using that port with no problem.

Reinstalled FDM-SW2.

Audio comming out of the RX USB port to FDM-SW2 works perfectly.

But, I still have the same problem with FDM-DUO Audio on Windows 10 (2 different PCs) Mac OS X (2 different Macs) and even in Linux (Manjaro)  All this is using WSJT-X.  It never sees the audio device.

So  I think I'll give up trying to use the FDM-DUO for digital comms!   Have some other radios to use and play with that work on the same computers I used.

Thanks to all who lent a hand.

73 de Guillermo - HK4KM

PS - This may help someone trying to use digital modes via USB from a laptop out in the field, running on the laptop's battery: Mine only activates one USB port when running on batteries.  I know there is  a trick to not let them be put to sleep but it can be a gotcha at the wrong time.
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