Re: Compression in stand alone

Neil Smith G4DBN

Hi Iain, try DUO Menu 32 for Mic Gain and menu 52 for compression.
Try the menu 52 compression first, so you don’t just end up amplifying noise.
I run mine at level 6 for normal use and level 8 for contesting or weak signal DXing.
If you still don’t have enough punch, try raising  the menu 32 to 3dB and try again.

I use a Heil HC5 dynamic insert, so I run +12dB gain, but you may find you don’t need to raise it at all if the compression is active.

Hope that helps.
Neil G4DBN

On 2 Nov 2019, at 14:25, MM6IXE <sota@...> wrote:


while using the duo stand alone with standard mic

can I add compression and processing while standalone, as I’m pretty quiet audio wise

many thanx iain

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