Re: No audio into digital applications

Neil Smith G4DBN

Hi Charlie, what level is the AUX VOL set to on DUO menu 6?

On the screenshot of windows devices, you show the Playback tab, what is on the Recording tab? 

Can you do a screenshot after confirming that the menu 6 AUX VOL is set to something like 14?

That might need adjustment for best results, but 14 is what mine is at.


On 20/10/2019 21:24, Charles Ristorcelli wrote:
Hi Neil.

I've doublechecked the sound settings. To the best of my knowledge they are correct.

I must admit however that I've never been able to understand the myriad ways Windows present the informatin. It seems to appear in a digfferent format every time I look at it.

I do know that neither SW2 or the DUO memory settings appear in conflict. And I do hear sounds coming from all the possible speakers (DUO, Computer, etc.).

Attached are two screenshots of my computer.

The first is the way I have the input and output selections established for my Ham Radio Deluxe digital signal soundcard settings. Yet I show no display on the HRD digital signal waterfall, though I do hear the digital signals on all speakers.

When I go look at yet another way Windows 10 shows the soundcard informationI see the display in the second file. NOT Good.

Yet I'll be damned if I can figure out what went wrong suddenly.

73 de NN3V
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