Elad FDM-DUO, DUO ART and EXTIO232. #elad #comport #externalcontrol #duo-art

Lars Erik Gjervan

I have a setup of Elad FDM-DUO, DUO ART 120 W and Ciro Mazzoni Baby Loop w/A.T.U. 2.0. loop controller. In this setup I want to run the loop controller in automatic mode, i.e. automatically change the loop tuning based on the FDM-DUO VFO. The DUO ART have two EXT/IO ports, one of them is connected to the FDM-DUO. The other port I have connected an EXTIO230, which is then connected to the CAT RS232 port of the loop controller. The loop controller baud rate is set to 38400. But it does not work. Anyone else using this or similar setup?  Or has an idea what I have done wrong?

Lars Erik LA9LOA

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