Re: Uploaded: Our help file for installing FDM-SW2, WSJTX, FLDIGI, and really any other app #comport #fldigi #wsjtx #wsjt-x #fdm-duo

Bill Alpert

Thank you for posting this. I'm using my FDM-S2 in Windows 10 Parallels emulation.

When I power on the radio, I don't see any ports listed at all, however the device manager screen refreshes, indicating that the radio is somehow seen. Strangely, I do remember seeing a port when I first installed the radio software. Is this normal behavior? The radio seems to be working, but I can't make any CAT functions work.

Also note that the FDM driver appears as a USB "device" in the Parallels menu, which indicates that it is connected to Windows 10. 

I'm a bit stumped and would love to hear from anyone that operates his/her Elad under Windows emulation.
Bill / KG6NRV

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