Re: Deep Dive Question: FDM-SW2 to FDM-DUO method of control #comport #fdm-duo #fdm-sw2 #wsjt-x #fldigi

Patrick Bouldin KM5L <patrick@...>

Howdy Neil, interesting stuff, to be sure. Well I experimented and reproduced what I thought you described. I put SW2 in direct mode with the DUO, then I changed freq. on the SW2 slider for channel RX1 and still no outbound CAT command (although it does receive CAT status). Since the DUO does respond with a frequency change, how is my hypothesis that the change comes within the SW2 to DUO (RX) USB cable? If not, what am I missing? See picture of my experiment. Same result, with our without stand-alone mode.

Patrick KM5L

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