Re: USB beginners question

Neil Smith G4DBN

I thought Menu 52 compression only acted on the microphone input rather than the USB audio?

Neil G4DBN

On 21/09/2019 07:28, Patrick Bouldin KM5L wrote:
There's other things that could have caused that too, for others watching this thread.

  • For example, if you're in WSJTX and are in a low part of the audio band while your radio is filtered out the low end - that will cause it to filter out your tones in that same spectrum - so set the radio wide open on settings : TX BW : menu 35 - for WSJTX and other protocols using a wide range, select a range of 50-4000 Hz.
  • Compression on (menu 52) can cause problems.
  • Not selecting the right Receiver/tx to transmit on within FDM-SW2
  • Not selecting the USB button on that receiver/tx within FDM-SW2

Many other things, tag on everyone.

73, Patrick

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