Re: USB beginners question

Antony Watts

A couple of other things

I find it better to just use WSJT-X alone, not via FDM-SW2, I guess this is due to my computer being a Mac, I just direct the audio to/fram WSJT and the radio.

Make sure that the radio RX filter is wide too (knob E2)

Also set the low frequency end of the software to 50Hz from its normal value of 200Hz soyoudon’t cut off the RX low end



On 21 Sep 2019, at 07:28, Patrick Bouldin KM5L <@cottagefarmer> wrote:

There's other things that could have caused that too, for others watching this thread.

• For example, if you're in WSJTX and are in a low part of the audio band while your radio is filtered out the low end - that will cause it to filter out your tones in that same spectrum - so set the radio wide open on settings : TX BW : menu 35 - for WSJTX and other protocols using a wide range, select a range of 50-4000 Hz.
• Compression on (menu 52) can cause problems.
• Not selecting the right Receiver/tx to transmit on within FDM-SW2
• Not selecting the USB button on that receiver/tx within FDM-SW2

Many other things, tag on everyone.

73, Patrick

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