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Michael Boudreaux

I also find that I get Rig Cat failures if all 3 usb's are connected. I leave receive disconnected because of this. possible ground loop on computer usb. works fine with only 2 CAT and TX  73 Mike vk3xz

On 17/09/2019 08:58, Antony Watts via Groups.Io wrote:
I find all you need is CAT and TX USB connections for digital.

In fact I can run two Macs, one with CAT & TX connected and using WSJT for digital, the other with RX connected and running W10 & FDM-SW2.

So for FDM-SW2 you only need RX connected, to get the mode, filter, etc and 4 x RX frequency control. Mic provides PTT. And for WSJT you need CAT & TX connected for two way audio and CAT control.



On 16 Sep 2019, at 19:25, Neil Smith G4DBN <neil@...> wrote:

You need the CAT port for control and PTT, the receive port to send the receive stream from the DO to the PC FDM-DUO audio device and the transmit port to send the tones from WSJT to the FDM-DUO input audio device, so yes, you need all three. I run the RX port on a motherboard USB2 port, and the CAT and TX on a shared hub on another port. Seems to work OK.

Neil G4DBN

On 16/09/2019 14:11, Harke Smits via Groups.Io wrote:

Recently acquired a FDM-DUO and still in the learning curve with respect to hw and sw. I am puzzled by the number of USB ports. Do I need to connect all three to my pc when when operating WSJT?
Maybe the answer is obvious and somewhere here at the forum or in the doc but I could not find it (quickly).
Best 73 de
Harke, PA0HRK

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