Re: FDM-SW2 setup with Fldigi

Neil Smith G4DBN

Ah, you shouldn’t need to use the SW2 FDM DUO manager very often.  That function is only used when you want to make changes to the settings, like the backlight and filter selection.  It requires dedicated access to the COM port and will lock anything else out.  Seeing as it is only used to set things up, including the filters and so on, it isn’t any trouble to stop all of the other CAT programs when you want to make an occasional change. It must be eight months since I last used it.

If you want to run multiple digimode programs, things start to get tricky, as you need a way to share the CAT control and work the PTT.  Omnirig can help, but usually I only run one transmit-capable digimode program at once, sometimes with three on receive, but only one with CAT and PTT active.  You can use a serial port sharer like VSPE, but I’m a simple soul and stick to one program at once.  I really need to get it sorted though, so I can use Logger and digimode programs at the same time.

Neil G4DBN

On 13 Sep 2019, at 23:33, Brad Moran <irishflyer97@...> wrote:

Ok, got the PTT to trigger with ComTestSerial.  When I close out the program, and start SW2, it wont let SW2 on COM4.  I had Flidigi open, and it let me TX , triggering the PTT.  I was just in BPSK31, just for testing.  Now, if I go to the FDM Duo manager, bring up the CAT setting, hit start, it will connect, and go to the settings like  backlight color.  There is where I lose my PTT.  The green " CAT " indication is turned on in SW2 in the upper left hand side.  I am really confused  I am guessing that FLdigi was triggering it on it's own, and when I was connected with SW2, SW2 is unable to trigger it for some reason.

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