Re: FDM-SW2 setup with Fldigi

Brad Moran

Ok, got the PTT to trigger with ComTestSerial.  When I close out the program, and start SW2, it wont let SW2 on COM4.  I had Flidigi open, and it let me TX , triggering the PTT.  I was just in BPSK31, just for testing.  Now, if I go to the FDM Duo manager, bring up the CAT setting, hit start, it will connect, and go to the settings like  backlight color.  There is where I lose my PTT.  The green " CAT " indication is turned on in SW2 in the upper left hand side.  I am really confused  I am guessing that FLdigi was triggering it on it's own, and when I was connected with SW2, SW2 is unable to trigger it for some reason.

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