Re: Elad duo and wsjtx

Neil Smith G4DBN

Hi Antony, if you use the new Hamlib drivers for the DUO, you no longer need to use RTS for PTT, CAT PTT *does* work fine now.

I just stick to the old way because I'm like that.  The old way was necessary because of a programming race condition bug in the TS480 Hamlib.  That bug is *STILL THERE* in the TS480 so RTS PTT is mandatory if you won't move to the new DUO driver in wsjt-x etc

Neil G4DBN

On 11/09/2019 18:35, Antony Watts via Groups.Io wrote:

just seen your email..

You have to set up BOTH CAT for frequency control and RTS for PTT. I operate FT8 most of the time due to poor antenna here (60cm indoor loop!)



On 11 Sep 2019, at 16:47, MM6IXE <@MM6IXE> wrote:

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Evening Neil

what a knowledgeable man. I’ve done as u said and all fired up great
just trying it now for my first ft4,8 contact on the Duo

are u using Cat or RTS?

many thanx and I’m happy with your way👍


should I also be thinking of a small 12 volt fan for airating the duo during digital ops?

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