Re: Elad duo and wsjtx

Neil Smith G4DBN

This ius just the way I do itg, there may be other ways.

Set the DUO to whatever power you want to use.  Set the display to show output power (or use a power meter).

I set mine to MAX and used an HP power meter.

What we need to do is make sure that WSJT-X is producing just enough audio to get you to full power and no more. 

Open up the Sound Control Panel in Windows and identify the FDM-DUO Line Playback device.  Click on it, then on the Properties button.  Select the Levels tab.

In WSJT-X, set the slider to max power.

Hit the Tune button in WSJT-X. That will give you a 1000Hz tone.

In the Windows Sound Line Properties box, slide the volume control until you see the output power drop by 1dB or so.  For me, thatg is at around 50 on the slider.

Now go to WSJT-X and drop the output power slider to -3dB (you might have to go to -3.1dB) and see if the output of the DUO drops by the same amount.  It probably won't, mine dropped by -2.6dB.

Drop it to -6dB and see what the DUO says, should be almost 6dB down.

My output on 28MHz in MAX is aboutr 5.5W where it is linear enough.

Short version, just drop the Windows device leve until the powere drops by 20% and you'll be close enough.

Neil G4DBN

On 11/09/2019 11:17, MM6IXE wrote:
Morning Neil

Sorry I’m not quite understanding that, do you mean send a carrier at 1watt from duo, with the power forward selected 

Do u mean the power slider on right hand side wsjtx, I’ve never noticed that until now

i can run fake it split😁


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