Re: Elad duo and wsjtx

Neil Smith G4DBN

Set the DUO to show TX power, then send a constant @1000 tone from WSJT-X and adjust the power slider until you get a 3dB drop in output power for a 3dB drop in WSJT-X level.  Then put the power back up by 3dB and you will be pretty close to the right level for max power.  Make sure you are running Fake-It split in WSJT-X.

ALC doesn't actually matter much with "constant carrier" modes like FT8 or JT9, the only issue is a potential wideband splat at the initial startup, as there is no soft-start in WSJT-X, but if you ensure you are in the linear range of the PA, you won't have to worry about any additional weird phase distortion effects.

This isn't a Yahoo group (thank goodness!) so you can search the archive very easily.

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Neil G4DBN

On 10/09/2019 20:00, MM6IXE wrote:

I’m set up for wsjtx and noticed I have no alc,
im new to duo and yahoo groups.
im sure this has been asked a million times, and I don’t know how to find the answers yet

how do u adjust ya output, is it in dB? I’ve set mine at 18dbm, or has this nothing to do with it, and I’m on one😂

many thanx

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