For Sale DUO-ART120 120W HF + 6m AMPLIFIER with ATU

ken araujo

Absolutely mint 120 watt qrp amp used 2 or 3 times. Purchased from Elad USA May 22, 2019. Replaced radio with 100 watt icom while my sdr duo was out for repair for a bad usb connection. Decided to use sdr only for qrp 5-10 watts with F loop so i really don't need this 120 watt amp/power supply and built in tuner. You can use this with Elad sdr or other generic qrp radio. It really is a beautiful amp but I just am not going to use it in the field and have no need for it in the home shack.
So you are purchasing an absolutely pristine like new amp with no miles on it at all! You can see pics and info at This amp
I paid 1284.00 (with shipping)
Will SELL at 1099.00 or best offer. ( including shipping in US continental states and I will pay 3 percent paypal fee.) Would consider swapping for another qrp rig e.g. Elcraft kx3. Tnx for looking.... Ken
Please contact me at my email which is located on my qrz page. ka1zt...
You can see pics on look up
And you can contact me volt@... 3058729322 Ken Araujo ka1zt

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