Re: FDM-DUO frequency calibration

Neil Smith G4DBN

Daft question, you don't have the setting for ATT on TX set, do you? Menu 50 on the DUO.


On 16/08/2019 14:50, Paul M0EYT wrote:
Hi Neil,

OK I've done that procedure and it was a few Hz off frequency, so presumably was calibrated before I owned it. I found I had to adjust the clock adjustment, set it and then tune back/forth for new value to be loaded into registers internally.

Next Question: When I'm using the FDM-SW2 software for transmit / receive, it does full duplex operation no problem, but on PTT the RX levels all drop by about 20dB, is there a fix so the RX levels stay where they are regardless of TX status? I'm using separate RX input and 0dBm output with PA disabled.

Thanks and Regards,

Paul M0EYT.

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