Re: Transparent FDM-SW2 3.023 Window

Otso Ylönen


It is likely a case of the main window “hiding” outside of the boundaries of your monitor. The window location is stored in the FDM-SW2 subdirectory specific to your receiver and profile (Profile1 if you have not created others). In offline mode SW2 uses window coordinates from a different settings file. You could try renaming the Profile1 directory you find under FDM-SW2. Then the software will start with defaults.

BR, Otso

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KN7BT via Groups.Io <KN7BT@...> kirjoitti 27.7.2019 kello 3.36:

Greetings -

I'm using an FDM-S2 with FDM-SW2 V. 3.023 on Windows 10 Pro.

Recently I removed the S2 and USB hub I was using from the HP computer I have at home, to take it on the road with me. Upon reconnecting to my home HP PC, the USB ports appear OK, and SW2 appears to start normally, but when the main program window opens it cannot be seen - the window is open but completely transparent. As such I cannot use it.

When I start SW2 in offline mode, the main window appears as expected and I am able to use offline features.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this issue? This has happened to me before, and I fixed it by removing and re-installing FDM-SW2 - was hoping not to go that route again because it's not a proper fix.

I appreciate any feedback someone may offer.


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