Re: DuoArt 120 Malfunction

Tony EI8JK

Hello Klaus
The power poles for the FDM-DUO are dead until the ART is switched on.
Then during the boot up sequence the DUO is briefly powered up (to detect that there is a DUO connected)
Then once the ART is fully booted up the power at the power poles is permanently applied.
So yes, there is no reliable 12v output at the power poles until the ART is fully operational

73, Tony, EI8JK

On 24/07/2019 10:38, Klaus Brosche, DK3QN wrote:
Am 24.07.2019 um 11:07 schrieb Heinz-Juergen Kronemeyer:
The PowerPole Connectors are also dead. But that's normal, they don't
have steady Power in Standby Mode (Main Switch On, Soft Power Off),
they get Power while the Booting Sequence.
That's quite interesting.

My understanding re. purpose of the rear PowerPoles so far was that they
are providing power for e.g. the FDM-DUO.
The way they act, at least for the case of an Art120, as per your
would mean that they provide power for an external device *only after*
the whole process of fully booting up the Art120 (including soft power)
has been finished successfully.

Or in short: if one powers his DUO TRX from the Art120 PowerPoles, then
the Art120 must be 'fully ON'.
Is that correct?

73, Klaus, DK3QN

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