Re: S2 not saving frequency on shutdown

Chris Black <n1cp@...>

It seems to be working fine as expected now but I honestly don’t remember which settings I changed as I poked around that could have affected.
I find the software very comprehensive. I do wish the documentation were more complete (better manual with glossary, mouse tips, etc) and some sort of “quick start” video tour of the more esoteric features for those of us less experienced SDR users.

On May 28, 2019, at 7:14 AM, Vianney Colombat <vianney@...> wrote:

Hello Chris,

can you describe a little bit more the situation you have ? Software version, frequency you see, state of the Tuning Step tab of the Setup window ?

Thank you,


Il 25/05/2019 20:48, Chris Black ha scritto:
every time I open software it shows 1010 not the previous frequency?

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