Re: ELAD at Hamvention

Charles Ristorcelli <nn3v@...>

I too visited the ELAD booth, and helped demonstrate features to the curious.

For what it is worth, the Hamvention gave definite proof that all manufacturers have switched to SDR architectures, including Elecraft. They are abandoning their traditional architecture and gone entirely SDR. The new K4 has nothing in common with the K3 line.

I found that the curious at the ELAD booth were primarily interested in the ART-120 remote control features, and questioned extensively how the software was installed and what additional connections were available to allow full remote control of a remote station. They wanted to know how to command antenna and rotor controls (many questioning how to command a SteppIr), how to see SWR results, etc.

Obviously here in U.S. the era of remote arrived. It is probably very important to improve the installation instructions asa few who were trying to get remote to work admitted to not being "...Linux programmers…" since Windows is the common baseline for software.

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