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Stan Horzepa

Hi Bill,

Would love to see a "local dial capture" since your home (Farmington) is almost my home (Wolcott).

Also, anyone know if the S3 will be for sale at Hamvention next week?

Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU

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The S3 has a hardware pre-amp (so Franco tells me) built into the software (FDM-SW2). In quiet locations it definitely is needed. In high RF areas it is not needed. And yes, I agree both the S2 and S3 do very well with a big outdoor antenna but in some cases can be a bit weak without a pre-amp. So the S3 pre-amp is very welcome! In the screen shot below notice there is also a 10, 20, 30dB attenuator for the opposite problem (upper right corner marked ATT 0dB in the drop down menu). I have been lucky to alpha test an S3 and I can tell you that it performs very well for weak Meteor Scatter, weak Tropo and all kinds of Eskip and local conditions. I haven???t done any extensive A/B testing against S2 or an analog tuner but I???d agree that both the S2 and S3 seem just a small bit less sensitive than my best analog FM tuners (Yamaha T85 and a Denon TU800). Given that you can capture 24MHz at a time I am more than ok with this and actually no longer own an analog FM tuner, sold one of my S2???s and the other S2 has been loaned to a friend.


On your other question about the interface. USB3.1 (works on 3.0 ports, has the wider two level USB end). No Ethernet. Other things you may want to know are that it requires a 12VDC regulated power supply. This was a little disappointing to me as much of my FM captures are done in the car or on top of a mountain and S2 was perfect being USB powered. I have adapted and found there are some laptop battery replacement bricks that work well as a remote power supply for S3. Even a bunch of D batteries correctly wired works fine and make it through the airport without scrutiny.


My FM DX hobby has been completely transformed by the S3 (works great on MW too). In the past I had to run 4 serial captures with S2. With S3 Eskip across the full 20MHz is amazing! Meteor Scatter is just amazing to watch when it hits ??? sometimes you see the whole band light up, sometimes only select frequencies. The only downside is the hours and hours and hours that I have spent DXing from captures when I should have been doing something more family friendly???.


One thing everyone should know about recording at 12MHz or 24MHz ??? you MUST have an SSD drive to record to. At 6MHz FDM-SW2 writes at about 50MB/sec. at 12MHz it???s 100MB/sec. That can usually be handled by most big 4, 8, 10TB ???SATA??? drives you can find most anywhere for under $200. However at 24MHz you need at least 200MB/sec and SSD is the only option for that (most SSD go to 500MB/sec). The first 2TB SSD I bought was over $500 a year ago. They are now under $300 although I???ve had mixed results with Micron SSD???s (skipping, what else?) and prefer this Sandisk which is now $240 and both of mine have been reliable. Disk space is also a concern ??? 8GB per minute at 24MHz!


And finally, if anyone is interested I can upload some S3 captures. I have some amazing Meteor Scatter I captured in super quiet Prince Edward Island and full dial Eskip from quiet North Dakota last summer. I could even upload a local dial capture and you will see why I never DX at home any more. As long as you have FDM-SW2 version 3.00 or later and an SSD drive you should be able to play these files. Just ask and I???ll upload sometime soon.


Bill Nollman

Farmington, CT



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The S2 has coverage of the FM broadcast band by undersampling IIRC, I know of a few FM-DXers that use it that say it requires a pre-amp to achieve maximum sensitivity because without it it's a bit deaf at Band II frequencies. Is the S3 using the same method for VHF coverage, I don't have an issue with fitting a pre-amp but am curious about the design of the receiver.

What is the interface for the S3, USB or ethernet? The latter is notoriously noisy at low VHF frequencies so a well chosen fully screened ethernet cable will be required if it uses ethernet, hopefully something of quality has been selected by Elad should it ship with one.

Looking forward to the release, and the possibility of seeing all of FM broadcast in 16 bit!


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