Re: Intermittent distorted FM Stereo, looking for serious analysis help

Otso Ylönen

Hi Bill,
The 92.7 sounds really bad. I suppose he has done comparisons with othe equipment?
I did some testin with one of my S2 receivers and did not find anything like that. One thing that is different here, is that we do not have any HD radio signals present, but that hardly can be the source of problems...
BR, Otso
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Von: "Bill Nollman" <billct97@...>
Betreff: [EladSDR] Intermittent distorted FM Stereo, looking for serious analysis help

I should probably open a Support ticket and will if no one here has any ideas.


My friend has had a problem with his S2 recordings for well over 3 years but just recently discovered the problem. It isn’t very easy to hear and it is very intermittent in that separate recordings made on the same day may or may not have the issue. Now I have been DXing FM broadcast for well over 35 years so I completely understand the issues of multi-path reception and noisy stereo. I do not feel that is what is happening here. What is heard on some, but not all, FM stereo broadcasts is the stereo signal sounds very distorted. Not normal reception distorted. It just doesn’t sound right. I have uploaded a 2GB – 1 minute recording if anyone would care to take a listen. Good headphones and good ears are recommended. But if you are used to hearing how good the S2 can sound on FM stereo even with poor reception you should be able to hear that something sounds wrong. I’m hoping that maybe someone can look at the signal and point out a recording problem. Maybe his S2 has a heat issue and there is a chip inside that could be intermittently bad? I really have no other ideas but to ask for help. I really do not feel this is a reception, antenna, SW2 setting or power issue. It seems to be to be S2 hardware, SW2 bug or laptop related but am out of ideas besides swapping out the S2 and waiting to see if it returns.


Here is a link to the file -

And here are the worst sounding stations.

91.9 - wide stereo field but sounds too wide. staticy sound is somewhat typical of a classical station.

92.7 - terribly distorted. ok in mono.

93.5 - distorted. ok in mono.

95.3 - distorted. ok in mono.


Thanks for any ideas.

Bill Nollman

Farmington, CT


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