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Bill Nollman


First, let me say thank you for developing 3rd party software tools for ELAD hardware. While I have not tried your software I have a lot of respect for anyone who would create free 3rd party software. I also have a lot of respect for ELAD who has created a hardware and software product that has become one of the most significant pieces of technology that I have ever owned. My free time is 100% better because of people like you. I can also appreciate that fixing a bug is not trivial (and possibly not a priority for many reasons that I won't elaborate upon) and because of that I have appreciated ELAD's many tries to fix the recording bug (which is much more reliable than is had been 2 years ago). Like Otso and I assume many others, I too do still encounter a variety of recording bugs. But I live with it hoping that one day it will be fixed.

You have developed a 3rd party tool and that is impressive. However it does not solve the SW2 recording bug. It looks like your software will schedule and record a single frequency to a .wav file along with additional information about the received frequency. What is really needed is a recording scheduler that records the full I+Q bandwidth. Minimum software settings might include 6MHz bandwidth (24MHz for when S3 is available...) and a center frequency (LO) set to 94,100,000Hz. The output files should contain everything from (approximately) 91,100,000Hz through 97,100,000Hz and be able to be played back with FDM-SW2 as if one were listening live to the SDR. The software should be able to schedule at least 12 start and stop time periods (24 would be nice). Obviously we could debate many other settings but let's start with the basics. Having one for ELAD would be very nice especially if it solved the recording bug. The only thing that might be a big waste of your time is whether the bug is software or hardware related. In which case a 3rd party recording scheduler might not fix the bug. I remember years ago when I used a Perseus SDR there were very popular 3rd party record schedulers and that was possible because, I believe, Microtelecom had designed their software with a software developers kit (I assume this). If ELAD has done the same then maybe this isn't a difficult task. If not then it probably isn't possible. If you would like to discuss this off list please let me know.

Bill Nollman
Farmington, CT

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Hi Otso,
i'm answering to your 2. Post-Message

1.) The files created with my new Procedure is only creating and reading *.wav files.

2.) I started programming the Audio-Recorder in addition to the RadioFrequency programs.
The SW2 recorder is then not necessary anymore.

3.) It is including all main-features you need.
- Recording and Replay the actual frequency audio. Can be opened with a "ShortCut" that is quite useful.
- Volume regulation
- Timer with Frequency - Start Time and possible StopTime
- Recorded Files have a prefix and a number. It is possible to set a name instead of the automatic numbering.
- The Memory List-database in including Frequency, name, size, Mode (FM, AM ecc..), S-Meter signal and duration.
- some other features

I tested several functions with the SW2 using a Virtual audio Line and also the Audio from a separated Radio like the Icom. Registering and Replay is perfect.

Anyhow, i would like to address anyone to my previous Post.
As i'm not using the SW2 Recorder i'm asking if there is a:
- general interest x completing that is not done just in one day.
- user in EU that is willing to do the necessary tests with me. (what is working here maybe not working there without tests) """""""""

No one has answered.
I believe there is less interest as i thought.


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