Re: Bug: Recording fails


Hi Otso,
i'm answering to your 2. Post-Message

1.) The files created with my new Procedure is only creating and reading *.wav files.

2.) I started programming the Audio-Recorder in addition to the RadioFrequency programs.
The SW2 recorder is then not necessary anymore.

3.) It is including all main-features you need.
- Recording and Replay the actual frequency audio. Can be opened with a "ShortCut" that is quite useful.
- Volume regulation
- Timer with Frequency - Start Time and possible StopTime
- Recorded Files have a prefix and a number. It is possible to set a name instead of the automatic numbering.
- The Memory List-database in including Frequency, name, size, Mode (FM, AM ecc..), S-Meter signal and duration.
- some other features

I tested several functions with the SW2 using a Virtual audio Line and also the Audio from a separated Radio like the Icom. Registering and Replay is perfect.

Anyhow, i would like to address anyone to my previous Post.
As i'm not using the SW2 Recorder i'm asking if there is a:
- general interest x completing that is not done just in one day.
- user in EU that is willing to do the necessary tests with me. (what is working here maybe not working there without tests)

No one has answered.
I believe there is less interest as i thought.


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