Re: Bug: Recording fails


I added just the Recording code to my RadioFrequency_S program (connecting via TCP and or OmniRig) and i'm recording perfectly the SW2 Audio Sound.
- Windows Audio output set to the speakers
- Windows Audio Input set to the virtual cable Line1 using: (freeware upto 3 cables)
- SW2 - RX1 Audio set to virtual cable Line1

(same already using and working with a different receiver using the "Microphone (USB audio CODEC)

I have just to add the remaining code for saving the registration as *.wav file and maybe adding a timer function ecc... and i don't need the SW2 Recording feature.
The *.wav file could be save in the SW2 ...\Recording Directory and replayed.

Problem resolved.

As i'm not using the SW2 Recorder i'm asking myself if there is a:
- general interest x completing that is not done just in one day.
- user in EU that is willing to do the necessary tests with me. (what is working here maybe not working there without tests)

The test is only using Framework 4+ and Framework 3.5

That's it.

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