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Bill Nollman

Otso, it may help to know that you are not alone in having failed manual and automatic recordings. I have reported it many times and ELAD has made improvements over the years but unfortunately recordings do still fail intermittently. I find it most often after a reboot of Windows that the first recording will fail. And so after a reboot I will always run a manual test recording before setting a schedule. I’ve also had RF recordings fail as single channel AF recordings although that is rare. For unattended recordings I don’t have a better solution. For attended recordings I always watch to see that the file number increments from 000 to 001 and then I can be confident the recording will be good. I wish I or ELAD had a better answer.




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Subject: [EladSDR] Bug: Recording fails




While I am a happy user of three FDM-2 receivers, I have had this recurring error with SW2 since I got my first FDM-2 in 2015.

My current SW2 version is 3.023.


When I press the record button in order to capture an IQ file, sometimes (perhaps every tenth time) the recording does not start. The recording indicator remain white and a stub file of size 0 kB is created in the recording directory.  Practically every time it works on a second try. The same happens regardless of the frequency range and bandwidth (I usually have it at 6MHz on FM and 1.5MHz on MW.) Also, the problem is there with all the three different PCs and various hard drives I have used SW2 with.


The real problem is the fact the red recording indicator is so small, that sometimes I do not realise the failure but after a longer time. This obviously is really bad if I loose interesting stuff I thought I had captured on my hard disk.


A feature request bit related to this error:

When I want to optimise the use of my screen real-estate (and power consumption) I have just the small Advanced Tuning window visible. I really would like to see from within that window if recording is on or off. Perhaps turn the whole window red when recording is active?



Regards, Otso

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