VS: VS: [EladSDR] Using SDR-Console & FDM-SW2 Software

Otso Ylönen

This brings to my mind a wild idea which would allow “syncing” of IQ files made with different receivers at the same time, for example with antennas pointing to different directions. When playing back, one could then jump between the recordings with buttons on SW2…


BR, Otso


P.S. I will have to try if running instances of SW2 under one account behaves better now with new versions. Previously, it was not possible to have them remember all settings correctly.

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Further to this... SDR Console will also allow you, subject to hardware/ resources, to run multiple SDRs, including multiple Elads, at the same time.

I have two S2s which run together fine.




On 16/02/2019 09:39, Vianney Colombat wrote:


You can use more than one FDM devices with the same user account without problem, using the same (and the only one) installation of the FDM-SW2 software.


I regularly run two FDM-DUOs, two FDM-S2 and one FDM-S1 on the same computer, at the same time, on the same Windows user account, with the single one installation of the FDM-SW2 software. I need 5 usb connection obviously.






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Subject: VS: [EladSDR] Using SDR-Console & FDM-SW2 Software

Yes, you can run these parallel. I have three FDM-2:s and run the under Windows 10 side-by-side, covering a good part of the FM broadcast band.


I actually run them from one single directory/folder but start them via “Run As” under different user accounts.


BR, Otso


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Aihe: [EladSDR] Using SDR-Console & FDM-SW2 Software


Having found that the FDM-DUOr is a very good RX i have now purchased the  FDM-SW2 RX as well. I have found that you can run both receivers side by side. To my amazement both work in tandem. Just thought that various people might find this useful.

Also you can run both RX’s with the same software, the only thing you have to do is make sure both pieces of software are in different folders on your windows drive, I have one in the route directory and the other in program files. This is possible if you have a very fast spec computer because the cpu usage is very high. I use a IMac Pro 8th generation I7 with 16gb of memory and it works fine for me.

I for one is now thinking of buying the tx + Duo Art amp.

Many thanks for the updates that are making the radio’s the cutting-edge of the new breed of radio’s








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