Re: Elad USA February Sale

Nils Schiffhauer

... thanks, Paul - this is good news. Although, being in February, "this year" will be long ;-)

From your screenshot I noted two additional rates, namely 12,288 MHz and 24,576 MHz. As I can use about 5 MHz (yes, a bit more) alias-free and with full sensitivity with my FDM-S2: Will the maximum usable (!) bandwidth of FDM-S3 a bit over 20 MHz? And: Will there be a chance for synchronizing the oscillator externally (via GPS)?

If and when it gets to market, it will be a real success!

73 Nils, DK8OK

Am 15.02.2019 um 20:58 schrieb Paul Jones:

S3 Availability? Well I got mine finally to do some testing and to get ready to support it. Franco said this is the year of the S3, but no exact date yet, Software support is in place in the SW2 software, so it’s getting closer….nice part is if you have any other Elad Radio, it’s the same version of software for all the radios, I just set a new profile for different radio/layout



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