The new RadioFrequency_S smaller program dedicated to the Elad S1, S2, DUO with special Features


The new RadioFrequency_S program

RFR = RadioFrequency_S Version 1.0.0

This 1. Edition is only running with Frameworks 4+ . A 2. Edition for FWK 3.5 (Win7) will follow.

This new 2. RadioFrequency_S program (S = small) is dedicated to the Elad FDM-S1/S2/DUO.

- You create your own Main-Window and place the 19 "windows" where you like.
Reset Default Main-Window and Clear-Screen is in Menu [Open RFR]

- Audio Spectrum Analyzer
Average (3)
dB / div (1..10)
dB/div Value
Appearance (1..4)
Band-Width FFT
Referance (40 .. -80) dB
Referance Value
Start at Hz
(Reset Default setting)

- TCP connection: Frequency, Mode, S-Meter
Import FDM Station Memory
Device Configuration

- Save actual Frequency > F4 ShortCut

- Locator Calculator

- OmniRig Connection
Rig Dialog
Force opening OmniRig
Select Rig
Select OmniRigPath

- Connect any Radio like Icom
Interconnect your Radio with the SW

- Complete Help-Systen > [ Help ]
Scan Frequency
kbd ShortCuts (10)
Import Elad FDM Station Memory into SW2 List.
Create your own Main-Window
General Description
RFR + Your Radio + Elad connections
Audio Spectrum Analyzer

- Scan Frequencies
From > to Frequency
Scan any Radio + SW, Scan only Radio or SW
Scan the single List > (RFR) - (SW2)
Repeat 1..... scanning
Different time-delay from 100 ms to 3000 ms
Frequency Step-Values from 10Hz to 50 KHz

- 2 EXEC local program selections

- External Link to:
(Browser Selection)

- Add Records to the (SW2) List

- Search by Frequency or Text

- Select your SW-Receiver 1..4

- Top Window > Stay on Top (toggle)

- The RadioFrequency Database Converter has been adjusted x creating smaller dB-Records x this program.
Tested with 30.000 Records, each Rec with 3 Fields imported into this program. (SW2 List)

Download available as from 15/FEB/2019 10:00 EU Time

This new Program can be downloaded only if you previously download(ed) the RadioFrequency program.
For any request pls use your first e-mail address when you downloaded the RadioFrequency program.

OBJECT MUST be: RadioFrequency_S Download


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