VS: [EladSDR] Offset monitoring

Otso Ylönen

Hello Raimund,

Would RadioFrequency work with the FDM-2 as well? I have a few of those, no Duo.


BR, Otso


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Aihe: Re: [EladSDR] Offset monitoring


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Hi Otso,


Obviously the labels are very close together with many Stations within a small range of frequencies.


You should organize your station in a more professional way.


You can use my Freeware program that is including the SW2/DUO, Icom Radios, Frequency database converter, Frequency Scanning ecc....

RadioFrequency is connecting to the SW2/DUO receiving and sending Frequency and Mode to the SW2.

With OmniRig you can connect RadioFrequency with any Radio (SerialPort RS-232).

Instead of using the MWList you could download the ILG world Frequency database as TextFile.

With RadioFrequency you can import the complete dBase (more then 30.000 Records) using the dedicated Database-Converter.

Once you Input or Import Frequency Records you can edit them.


Download SIte: (including the ILG Link)



Soon the new RadioFrequency_S program will be published. This small program is mainly dedicated to the SW2 connection.

This program is extracting the SW2 Station Memory Records.

With RadioFrequency_S you create your own Main-Window.







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