VS: [EladSDR] Nasty surprise from Windows 10 "October" update

Otso Ylönen

No installation problems here with the recent update on Win 10 & VAC.


Well, couple of crashes while playing back large 21GB IQ files and skipping back in time. These crashes used to be frequent, but since the July beta, almost nonexistent.


BR, Otso


Lähetetty Windows 10 -laitteesta


Lähettäjä: Ron Hunsicker via Groups.Io
Lähetetty: torstai 27. joulukuuta 2018 22.07
Vastaanottaja: EladSDR@groups.io
Aihe: Re: [EladSDR] Nasty surprise from Windows 10 "October" update


No help there:  I'm running 17763.195.  Many reboots, here, too.  When I've restarted to reinstall the Elad software the choice is "Restart," not "Update and Restart."




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