Re: FDM-SW2 window positions

John Freeman

Thanks everyone for the good info!  I was able to recover all my windows by using these tips, and will keep the thread for next time it happens.  

One problem I had with the taskbar method - if Elad is not "powered on", the popup menus to maximize, resize, etc, do not appear on taskbar right-click.  So if you can't see the main window, you can't power on, so you can't use that method, (or the Setup/ Reset Window Position method. of course).  The Setup method works great to recover the IF and AF windows though. 

By the way, the DemodFormLocations are in the FDMSW2RxSetup_SE0A53_0549.xml, not the FDMSW2SwSetup_SE0A53_0549.xml where the main and audio window positions are saved.  Thanks Neil!

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