FDM-SW2 window positions

John Freeman

Running FDM-SW2 3.019 on FDM-S2, using Windows 10 PC, having problems with window positions.

Problems started when I updated my dual monitor setup to a single large curved hi-res monitor.  FDM-SW2 started, but no window appeared on screen.   I worked through that somehow, I think by maximizing the window, closing and opening, perhaps reinstalling FDM-SW2.   However, the AF and IF windows were still missing.  (they all start, and appear as options in the task bar, but nothing happens when their thumbnail is clicked.
Recently I started connecting to my main PC from an alternate PC with 2 monitors, using RDC.   Worked fine, except have not got audio working properly yet, but somewhere along the way I lost the windows again!   This time I could not figure out how to get any of them back from the GUI.   Finally I found the location entries in FDMSW2SwSetup_SE0A53_0549.xml:   LocationXF0 and LocationYF0 for the main window, and AudioFormLocationXF0 and YF0.   One or both entries in both of these fields had large negative numbers.   I changed them to smaller positive numbers, and now the main and AF windows appear on screen!  

A few remaining questions about all this:
1.  How do these values get screwed up in the first place?   -32000?   odd
2.  Is there a good way to fix them without editing the xml?
3.  When FDM-SW2 is running, it does not present any popup options from its taskbar icon to resize, move, or maximize the window(s) on right click, like most other programs do.  Why not?   Seems like this might have addressed #2 above?
4.  Where the heck is the IF window??   It is still missing!!   Where is it's location stored?   I could not find it in the xml's, but of course I have no idea what it might be called, maybe I missed it?   Or is it in some other file?


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