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phoekzema Hoekzema

I received my interface today.  It took longer to unwrap it then it took to install it.  It works fine.  Although it is a piece of hardware just hanging on a cord.  It could use an insulated box and the Hardrock amp could have used different hardware so the cable connector could have been fastened with other than friction.  Remember that it makes the Elad look like an FT 817 to the Hardrock 50, so change the control mode on the Hardrock to that mode.


Peter WA7MOX


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Subject: [EladSDR] HARDROCK-50 & FDM DUO #hobbypcb #elad #eladit
Hi i need some infos about THIS INTERFACE  
do you have some experience because i think to get for automatic band changing in the PA.
Your replies welcome...
best 73 - IK1NAF Mau

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