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Hi All,


I’m posting this again as I had a phone call yesterday stating that people on this group didn’t know how to contact us in the USA, I’ve posted several times, but here it is again, nothing has changed since the move to SC apart from the physical address, phone number and emails have stayed the same, I have Barbara’s old iPhone so the sales calls will come to me and the sales email comes to me also…


618 Cummings Chapel Road
Ridgeville, SC 29472


Sales: sales@...
Support: support@...

To open a support ticket: http://support.eladit.com/

Phone: 312.320.8160


I hope this finally clears this up, these are the ONLY ways to contact ELAD-USA, same as always, nothing has changed apart from the address.


And to finish things off on a good note, I’d like t share a photo of a Duo-Art in use at K1ND’s station…..


Regards, Paul



Paul Jones - Elad USA Sales & Technical Support (USA)
FDM-Duo, Duo-Art, FDM-DUOR,  FDM-S3, FDM-S2, FDM-S2, FDM-SW2, T-Mate

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Sales Phone: 312.320.8160

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