FDM-SW2 day of week vs,. swskeds UTC

John Freeman

Listened last night Saturday 5/19 about 9:15 PM EDT (Sunday 5/20 01:15 UTC) to Jukebox on Mighty KBC on 9925 kHz.  This program is listed correctly in the swskeds csv I had loaded in FDM-SW2, as Sunday only (s......), 00:00 to 02:00.  I noticed that Mighty KBC did not show up at 9925 in the OnAir table in FDM-SW2, and no popup appeared when I put the cursor on 9925  (popups appeared for stations at 9920 and 9930.as expected.)    I then manually edited the swskeds csv to place that program (incorrectly) on Saturday, (......s) and now KBC appears in the OnAir list, and the popup appears for KBC at 9925!

FDM-SW2 correctly shows the time at the lower right, in this case Local 5/19 9:15 PM, UTC 5/20 01:15, so the software knows the time and date.   But seems like the reference to the swskeds day of the week must be using the day for local time?   Not for UTC?  So it is one day behind after 00:00 UTC, until 04:00 UTC when my local day again matches UTC day?

Anyone else see this behavior?   Maybe something I am doing or interpreting wrong?


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