Re: FDM-SW2 version v3.013

Otso Ylönen

The change log looks promising. I just tried to install the full packet on a laptop I previously had 3.005 installed. Before proceeding, I removed the old version from Windows 10 Apps & Features. Also, I renamed the ELAD directory within the Documents folder.

Installation went normally, but now I keep getting an error dialog complaining about "LoadSwSettingConfigNode not found". Could this refer to a missing item in the Windows Registry? I did not touch that after removing ver 3.005. Initially, there was also an error about DxClusterList.txt, but that went away.

BTW, I have only tried 3.013 without a hardware connected.  I had used the 3.005 with two different FDM-S2 receivers.

Any ideas about what is causing the error?

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