Re: Experiences with 3.005

Otso Ylönen

Update on one of the issues I reported:
The "runas" related crash was caused by some of the SW2 settings missing from the registry/directories of the secondary Windows User Accounts I tried to start it with. Starting SW2 first normally from within the Desktops of those user accounts, the software now runs normally via "runas", too. Perhaps I am wrong, but my recollection is that I did not need to do the same under Windows 7.
Now, 3.005 runs nicely as three independent instances on one Desktop: two with their own FDM-S2 hardware (for 6 MHz IQ recording) and the third as a listening setup for pre-recorded files. That one I operate with Tmate2. The attached picture shows my test setup. As you see, a monitor with Full HD resolution starts getting rather tight...
If anyone is interested, I use the this simple bat command file to launch SW2 using different Windows User Accounts. It takes the account name as an argument (note, it has to be just one word, like MyAccount_2). Also, it expects SW2 to be installed on its default location at drive C. It asks for the account password the first time you run it and saves it for later usage.
BR, Otso

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