Experiences with 3.005

Otso Ylönen

I have built a new Windows 10 setup for testing the 3.005 release on a laptop I have previously used with Windows 7 and several older versions of SW2. The laptop is an i7 based Asus G750jw with 24GB of RAM.  I have tested the new sw for a few days with two of my three FDM-S2 receivers. Here are my findings so far:
Outputs muted: When playing back a file (or sequence of files: 000, 001, 002,...NNN) using more than one virtual receiver, the outputs of receivers beyond the first (RX1) get muted when the sequence reaches its end. I have found no other way to recover from the situation but restarting SW2.
Wrong serial #: depending on the order I start SW2 with multiple FDM-S2 receivers, I sometimes get a popup saying the serial number is wrong. I have not seen this before.
Crash at startup: Cannot start multiple instances with the Windows runas command under different user accounts. Unlike previous versions FDMSW2 crashes when trying this. Using "runas" has been necessary for proper independent usage several instances of the programme with all versions os SW2 (to get completely different settings per receiver and different settings for offline use).
There have been number of good wishes for the future development of the software on the forum. Here are a few additional ones that I would appreciate:
1) Possibility to use command line arguments to
    - start the software with a previously saved User Profile.
    - bypass the HW Selection Form with the choise (like a specific receiver or "OFFLINE") given inline.
    - start the software with of without Bypass Mode (e.g. when external HW filters are used).
2) User Profiles to remember the location of *all* auxilary windows, especially the RDS windows of each virtual receiver.
3) User-adjustable "ruler" on the playback time bar to allow marking relative time intervals along the recorded file. (Example: for a 10 minute file length, the user could set nine markers to easily jump around the individual file, minute-by-minute.)
Thanks for the good job, Team Elad!
BR, Otso

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