Re: Elad FDM-S2 - Problem with higher Sampling Rates

Alberto I2PHD

On 3/24/2018 10:09 AM, Fenu wrote:

Tryed all USB Port. USB3 and USB2.o with the Elad Power Adapter. Always the same result.
And I don't want a Rasperry.

I didn't suggest you to use a Raspberry... that was just an example to show that even
a CPU with a modest processing power can cope with 6144 kS/sec sampling rate...

And the fact that you are just one of the very few having problems with high sampling
rates indicates that neither the S2 nor the CPU you are using can be the culprit.

What remains ? I thought that maybe the USB could be the culprit, but you say that
you have tried many... so at this point a thorough analysis must be done, but this kind
of analysis cannot be done at distance... you must do it yourself...

73 Alberto I2PHD
Credo Ut Intelligam

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