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I have tested Elad FDM-S2 against SDRplay rsp1, rsp2pro and the AirSpy on the FM broadcast band in my home location, some 5 km away from the closest local FM stations. I have a hi-gain aerial and a good mast-head ampflifier.


Of these three, only the Elad can handle these “urban” signal levels without saturation, the other three require constant adjustment of attenuation and amplification in order to yield any DX.


I know things change when little or no local signals are present. I am looking forward to do testing in such conditions later this year.


BR, Otso



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Lähetetty: maanantai 5. maaliskuuta 2018 14.30
Aihe: Re: [EladSDR] ELAD FDM-S3


Just to say yes the rsp1a is much better on airband / 137 mhz (weather sats) and Band II FM than the elad. Not so great on MW though but this is to be expected, the Elad as we all know is exceptional on this band and below LW




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Thank you all for the replies. Very interesting. Will await the S3 and see what it cane do. Hopefully will purchase when available. 




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