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Hi Giovanni

Looks like I'm into the HC05

I had to update the pi and enable the hardware UART.
I disabled the serial console in the pi's config menu.

Do you know how long it's been since I did a loopback test... more old knowledge recovered and that checked out fine.

What was less obvious was selecting /ttyS0 instead of /ttyAMA0 to program the HC05, that discovery was kind of accidental but who cares now :>)

I did this:
AT+ORGL followed by CR and LF resets the module
the answer must be OK
AT+NAME=BLUEDUO followed by CR and LF sets the name to BLUEDUO
the answer must be OK
AT+PSWD=2357 followed by CR and LF sets the password to 2357 (if you do not do this the default password is 1234)
the answer must be OK
AT+UART=115200,0,0 followed by CR and LF sets the speed to 115200, stop bits to 1 and parity to none
the answer must be OK

and got the correct OK answers, but was not able to communicate with the HC05 after that...

I now have to load BlUEDUO my android and plug the HCO5 into the DUO.

In retrospect I probably should have used a RS232 level converter and just done this on my linux box.

I will let you know how I do, thanks for the encouragement.


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On 02/24/2018 11:12 AM, Giovanni Franza wrote:

Hello Paul,
is it possible that, for some reasons, the pi 3 tty is not enabled?
To verify try a "loop" connecting tty input with tty output to see if you receive the echo.
This is a very fasr test to see in there is a problem with the pi3 serial:
Please note that the s3 is a little bit different from the s2: the "good fast hw" serial is connected to bluetooth and the serial is a "poor man" sw one.
This sw UART is not capable to go as fast as 38400, so you be sure that you have switched the fase hw UART out of the BT.

Giovanni - HB9EIK


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