Re: External 5V power supply for FDM-S2

Bjarne Mjelde

You have probably ruled out switching power supplies already, which is a wise thing to do.

Possible sources:
1. Lithium battery power bank (usually marketed for charging cell phones). Will only last "so" many hours though. Here is my test of one.
2. "Amateur-grade" linear power supply, such as the Diamond GSV-3000 (possibly overkill in your setting, but still).
3. Lab-grade linear supplies, like those from Bel Power Solutions.

I've tried all of the above for various SDRs, and they all work. The Bel Power is surprisingly cheap, and I would recommend it. A discussion of ways to power your SDR (in this case the Perseus) is here
The S2 power consumption is only marginally higher than the Perseus.

There were linear (transformer-based) wall warts available in Europe some years ago, but I believe they are gone due to EU regulations.

Bjarne Mjelde

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