Re: HC-05'S Again


Hello Giovanni

Thanks for the guide, and it's not tedious.
I am using cutecom on a Raspberry pi 3

Going back to basics I pulled out a old TTL pulse probe and checked the TX pin on the pi. I didn't see anything there... this could be due to the probe not being able to see the pulses on the pi output so I'm going to have to drag the scope out and look at the data stream. I have a Siglent 1202 and should be able to decode the serial stream as well as see the raw data pulses. While I am willing to do this I do start to wonder if it's worth the grief...

I have tried both 5V and 3.3v power as I have seen guides using both voltages. Neither one was successful. I do have FDM-S2 running on an notebook. I may just stay there for a while...

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