Re: HC-05'S Again

Fred Lodden <felodden@...>

I had a similar experience trying to program up my HC-05. I twas very frustrating since following the instructions and the video to the letter did not produce any joy. I just could not get it into AT programming mode.
I even resorted to try programming it with an Arduino Uno and then I tried a Raspberry Pi.. There are articles on the web about how to do that. But even then following all the steps did not produce the result I wanted.
Then just by chance after days of messing around with all sorts of combinations of sequences and steps it worked! I was using the Arduino Uno at that stage.
There is a step where you need to hold the 5V line and the KEY line low and then bring the KEY line high and then after a delay bring the 5V line high, to get into AT mode. Well it was only after not following that step that I was able to get it into AT mode and I was able to program the device. I can't recall the exact sequence. I suggest you mess around with that sequence to see if something different gets you where you want to be.
After that I had a problem where the BlueDuo seemed to be only partially working but a post to Giovanni,revealled that there were a version mismatch between the Elad software and the BlueDuo version I had. A simple update fixed that.
Good luck

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