HC-05'S Again


I either have the worst luck buying HC-05's... The bluetooth dongle is the last little bit I wanted to get done for my go box, it was a workaround for the lack of band buttons.

I have tried four of them, from two different suppliers and cannot get a response from any of them. I have no problem getting into the programming mode, the 1 second period flash of the led, but cannot get it to acknowledge any AT command.
I am using 8,n,1 no flow control and end the command string with a CR/LF just like the video says

This should not be this difficult.

As I understand it there are some knock off BT adapters that are really HC-06's but I have no way of determining that. In retrospect, I would have been much happier if Elad had offered the dongles for sale or even better yet had incorporated BT into the DUO from the get go.

If anyone can point me to an alternative dongle I would appreciate it. I won't spend another dime on HC-05's
A $5 board against an $1100 radio, come on guys... why couldn't you just have included it


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