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In late 2017, I was having some minor ALC problems with my Elad FDM-DUO.  I contacted Barbara at ELAD USA and she was able to put me in touch right away with ELAD ITALY. 

ELAD staff contacted me and they accessed my computer and radio via team viewer. They where able to trouble shoot the problem and also cleared up some software issues. They sent me out a new radio. When the new radio came in I sent them my old radio.  Please keep in mind the issue was a minor ALC concern. They also sent me a band pass filter to assist as an extra. I was never without a working radio. 

Now mind you they are in Italy and it took about three weeks start to finish.  To receive service without hesitation and replacement radio, all in three weeks is impressive.  

Again this was my experience, 

Miguel A. Rivera 
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ELAD stands behind its products 100%.  Usually the repairs are shipped to Chicago and then after evaluating the problem, usually the repairs are shipped to Italy.

Hope this clarifies the confusion.

Please feel free to email sales@... with any questions or concerns.

Thank you for all your support.


Barbara Salatin Sales Manager
Tel. 312-320-8160

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Let me elucidate. I bought an old FDM-DUO from a deceased ham friend's widow. He'd had the radio for years, and I'm the second owner. I would not/could not expect ELAD to do the work or pay for the repair. I actually enjoy fixing things, so altogether, I'm very happy with ELAD. The radio is built beautifully and the fact that my friend wore out the shaft encoder through high usage has nothing to do with ELAD's support.

Cheers es 73,
Dave AD6A

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Did Elad not stand behind this broken encoder ?  wont there office in Chicago make such repairs ?  I am thinking about getting the Elad duo transceiver but would not want to buy from a company that does not stand behind there product.   John kb2hfuk

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Thanks Clint - actually, the shaft encoder is well broken - it has about 10 degrees of looseness. Well it HAD about 10 degrees, but it doesn't any longer:

UPDATE - The replacement shaft encoders arrived from Mouser and I carefully took the rig apart, removed the offending shaft encoder and replaced it with one of the new ones.
It now has almost undetectable wobble. I put the rig back together again, and it works still, shock! 

N.B. if you are thinking of replacing your FDM-DUO's tuning shaft encoder, then let me warn you that it's not a job for the faint of heart. It's a very tricky repair to do in fact. Removing the case, the band pass filter board, speaker, and PA cooling fan are all fairly easy tasks, but getting a long nut-driver onto the hex brass nut that holds the PA heatsink onto the front panel board (where the 3 shaft encoders are mounted) is very tricky indeed. Also, I do not recommend you try to un-solder and remove the shaft encoder intact.  It's much easier to cut all the pins with sharp wire cutters and then un-solder and remove the bits of pin metal one-at-a-time using a de-soldering sucker/iron and/or fluxed braid. YMMV.

Cheers es 73,
Dave Fifield

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