Re: Need Tuning Shaft Encoder Information Please!

Clint Chron

I have several home brew signal generators and an Atlas 210X LE that use similar Bourns optical encoders.


Some of the encoders have more wobble than others – and all of them have seen very little use.  My Elad Duo has about the same amount of wobble as my equipment that has the Bourns encoders.   The Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu encoders are always nice and tight.






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Subject: Re: [EladSDR] Need Tuning Shaft Encoder Information Please!


Thanks Vianney!

The screw is fine - I have taken the knob off and the play is all in the shaft of the encoder.
I'll order a new one and change it out ASAP.

Thanks again for your help!

Dave AD6A

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